Simone's Experience

What an experience!

​Simone Tronciu
CEO at The Detox Doctor,™ and a Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant and Cell & Tissue Regenerative Detoxification Specialist.

It created positive change and touched lives – and that's what HealthAchieve is all about.

"I decided to attend HealthAchieve 2016 because I was so struck by the keynote address given by Captain Richard Philips at HealthAchieve the year before. His presentation was fascinating, and I found he was good at inserting practical information that was useful for people in all capacities and roles.

At HealthAchieve 2016, I particularly appreciated the mental health focus, especially Howie Mandel's honest and thought-provoking presentation. He stepped out of the box and made his talk something that was informal and relatable. In fact, after the conference I had colleagues approach me and share stories of their own struggles with mental health issues because they were so inspired by Mandel's openness and the way he used humour to tell his story.

HealthAchieve has a flair for presenting "real life" and making information accessible so we can more easily connect to each other."

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