Kent's Experience

​What an experience!

Kent Waddington
Founding Director/Communications Director, Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care, and Environmental Leadership Coach, ARAMARK National Green Team

"HealthAchieve attendees cover the whole spectrum of health care staff, from the C-suite right on down. Being able to reach out and share our vision of the greening of health care with so many people across the demographic is great for us.

The Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care has collaborated with HealthAchieve for over 15 years to bring an environmental stewardship component to the conference. Our relationship has led to fantastic educational sessions, high-caliber celebrity speakers, and the creation of special attraction areas on the show floor.

Having access to such a broad audience has allowed us to share our vision of the greening of health care and the breadth of our resources with people who can effect change. It's also given us the opportunity to introduce the idea of greening to people who were on the fringe and didn't realize how they could have an impact, and what an important role every one of us can play in making the Canadian health care sector more environmentally friendly and climate change resilient.

We've recommended HealthAchieve to friends and colleagues for over 15 years and we'll continue to do so because it's really something you have to experience to understand how much it can impact your work and broaden your perspective."

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