Health Care Innovations

​​The Newest Health Care Products and Services on the Market

We heard you want to see the latest products and services available in the health care industry. To help ensure you have access to the cutting-edge innovations in health care, we've compiled a list of the new prod​​​ucts and services that will be showcased at HealthAchieve.

In addition to the list below, make sure you visit the onsite Innovation Lane to experience the latest health care innovations first-hand. ​

More companies and their innovations will continue to be added as HealthAchieve approaches!

Innovation Lane (formerly called New Product Showcase)

Don't miss this opportunity to see some of the latest and greatest products that are sure to transform the delivery of health care. Exhibitors you will find in the New Product Showcase include:

CM INc. - Funding Management Plus (Booth #819)

DebMed - GMS 2.0 (Booth #1418)

Essity – TENA Confioair Breathable Technology for Absorbent Products (Booth #818)

Fitter International Inc. (Fitterfirst)- Active Office Board (Booth #918)

Hopitel Inc. - Patientlogix Social Media Health Network (Booth #1019)

Human Care Canada Inc. - Ventilated Material Slings (Booth #1118)

Interbit Data - NetRelay (Booth #1419)

Portal724 Canada Inc. - P724's Telehealth Kit-in-a-box (Booth #1319)

Precise ParkLink Inc. - Electric Vehicle Charging Station (Booth #1218)

Spectrum Health Care - Multiple Patient Transport (Booth #1543)

Stryker/Sage Products - Prevalon MATS (Booth #1119)

Voyago Health - Patient Transfer Equipment (Booth #528)    


Ascom, Inc.

Product: Ascom Healthcare Platform 
Booth: #1429

An open, powerful platform for integrated workflow intelligence, systems, applications and mobility in which information is analyzed and presented to the right person, at the right time. Components can be added individually, but are most powerful when combined, turning the promise of digitalization into measurable results.


AusculSciences Canada Inc.

Product: CAD-det System
Booth: #1709

An innovative solution for rapid, accurate, non-invasive, non-stress, non-nuclear detection of Coronary Artery Disease (CAD).



Aversan Inc.

Product: HEALIT
Booth: #904

HEALIT is an independent, on demand testing center of excellence delivering Testing as a Service (TaaS) to health systems with mission critical digital health and medical device deployments. Aversan provides test planning, automated testing services, and quality systems management. HEALIT brings you the expertise, methodologies and tools to support your quality and eSafety initiatives. 


Canadian Health Informati​on Management Association (CH​IMA)

Product: The Canadian Health Information Management Lifecycle
Booth: #1408

CHIMA is introducing a much needed resource for those who work with health information in all healthcare settings. This resource provides leading practices and principles related to managing health information throughout its lifecycle. 


Canadian Nurses Association

Product: Choosing Wisely-Nursing List (Specialty)
Booth: #1003

The Canadian Nurses Association's Choosing Wisely Canada List is a directory of nurse-developed evidence-based recommendations which serve as a resource to inform nurse-client conversations about tests, treatments or interventions which lack benefit or cause harm.​ 


CM inc - Informatica

Product: Health Funding System
Booth: #816

CM Inc.'s Integrated Health Funding System, deployed on site or in the cloud, simplifies and enhances funding management across the health sector.

CM Inc Logo1 resized.jpg 

Consensus Medical Systems Inc.

Product: ConEHR
Booth: #1328

Multi-specialty EHR with reporting capability for Orthopaedic, Cardiac, Vascular and OBGYN. 



DebMed Canada

Product: GMS 2.0
Booth: #1414, 1416

DebMed Electronic Hand Hygiene Compliance Monitoring System V 2.0 features optimized navigation, new at-a-glance performance dashboard, and individual room reports on product type usage to support c. difficile protocols.


Product: TENA ConfioAir Breathable Technology for Absorbent Products

Booth: #800

New TENA ConfioAir 100% fully-breathable products allow humidity to evaporate to help maintain skin's natural moisture balance y keeping the skin comfortable and dry.  


Fitter International Inc. (Fitterfirst)

Product: Active Office Board
Booth: #916

By adjusting the platform you can subtly adjust movement in the board. By changing the position of the foam legs, you not only provide cushioning for your joints, you build balance and stabilizing muscles.


Getgood Health

Product: Patient Safety
Booth: #717

We are launching our company & product. Currently we have 1 hospital in London, Ontario


GOJO Industries Inc

Product: GOJO SMARTLINK Service Alerts
Booth: #1217

GOJO SMARTLINK™ Service Alerts provides real-time monitoring of dispenser refill status, battery life and system health for proactive servicing that reduces touchpoints and improves workflow.



Product: tCentric Hybrid All Mesh
Booth: #934, 936

The tCentric Hybrid with airless cushion technology combines the best attributes of the leading mesh chair with the industry leading benefits of ergoCentric’s fully ergonomic upholstered chairs.


Healthmark Ltd

Product: Linked Visibility Inventory System™ (LVIS™)  LVIS™
Booth: #1615, 1617

LVIS is the first Anesthesia Medication and Narcotic Inventory solution that uses RFID-enabled automated data collection.  No manual input required, real-time inventory update each time the drawer is closed making OR medication and Narcotics access simple and secure.  


Hôpitel Inc.

Product: PatientLogix Social Media Health Network Portal
Booth: #1014, 1016

Hôpitel will be launching November 1, 2017 its PatientLogix Social Media Health Network which will be available as a web-based and native mobile application for Android and iOS. It will provide community member users the ability to be "engaged" and share and post their healthcare stories and experiences, ask questions to the PatientLogix community in their posts to get feedback from other users experiences, collaborate and share resources with one another and read how others manage their medical issues benefiting others that are facing the same diseases or upcoming medical procedures.



Product: Ventilated Material Slings
Booth: #909, 911

We are pleased to present new ventilated material positioning slings – regular and bariatric. Gentle against patients' skin, they offer airflow and breathability and can be left behind the patient.

Human Care Canada.jpg 


Information Builders (Canada) Inc.

Product: Omni-HealthData Insights
Booth: #1214

Omni-HealthData Insights provides a number of highly interactive, business-focused, out-of-the-box information applications – InfoApps™. OmniHealthData Insights concentrates on four high priority subjects: Physician Practice Management, Quality and Patient Safety, Hospital Patient Experience, and Hospital Performance; with other InfoApps planned for the future. It has been designed from the ground up, by health professionals for health professionals, in partnership with St. Luke's University Health Network.



Product: NET RELAY 2.0
Booth: #1634

NetRelay is a secure text messaging and clinical communications and collaboration solution that enables hospital staff to communicate effectively and securely via mobile devices, improving efficiency and workflow.

Kidzpace Interactive, Inc/Touch2Play

Product: Touch2Play Family Entertainment Centre
Booth: #1115

An interactive touchscreen table with 8 games designed for multiplayers.


M and M Sales and Consulting

Product: Zero Gravity Massage Chair
Booth: 1536, 1538

Zero gravity massage chair with heat.


MedAvail Technologies Inc.

Product: OnTheSpotRx Mobile App
Booth: #523

Delivering value to the consumer; convenience, availability and speed, improved adherence and compliance, medication information, 24/7 Pharmacist, lower cost to dispense, prescriber communication, tele-pharmacy integration, and data/info collection.



Product: NirvSystem
Booth: #522

NirvSystem is a software company with a deep understanding of the healthcare industry and the needs of its institutions. Our learner management solution aligns with all facets of hospital workflow, including the onboarding cycle and critical compliance process.



Product: Omnicell XT Series
Booth: #1101

The new Omnicell XT series Automated Dispensing Cabinets gives you a smarter, safer way to manage medications. The flexible, revolutionary design allows you to tackle today's challenges and tomorrow's changes.


Portal724 Canada Inc.

Product: Turnkey Remote Patient Monitoring Solution
Booth: #1319

Portal724’s leading virtual care solution increases access to care and decreases healthcare delivery costs while proactively monitoring and managing chronic illnesses.  We integrate the latest in interactive response technologies with an advanced care platform on a highly secure mobile network to automate patient and drug management, reduce errors and increase efficiency.

Product: P724’s Telehealth Kit-in-a-box

A comprehensive telehealth kit-in-a-box to be used by patients in the comfort of their own homes; Biometric sensors with BLE. Our own mobile applications and remote patient monitoring website; A security hardened tablet which can only communicate with our Private Telehealth Cloud Servers.


Precise ParkLink Inc.

Product: Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
Booth: #1209, 1211

Put yourself on the map with EV Charging Stations. Precise ParkLink's expertise in parking solutions provides cost savings on EV solutions as they supply, install and provide support services.


Public Services Health & Safety Association (PSHSA)

Product: Blended E-Learning
Booth: #1337

Adapting to how workers can learn in new ways has become a focus for us. Our blended training combines the ease of eLearning with the focused practical application of a traditional classroom environment. Using eLearning as an option for organizational health and safety programs means you’re not bound to a specific location, you can learn at your own pace and take advantage of tracking & certificate generation.

Secure Care Products, LLC

Product: ENVisionIT
Booth: #1624

ENVisionIT, a real-time locating solution, provides the ability to easily monitor and track patients, residents and equipment for improved patient flow, managing of medical inventory, and workflow processes.

Spectrum Health Care

Product: Multiple Patient Transport
Booth: #1539, 1638

Our multiple transfer vehicles are capable of transporting up to 5 stretcher bound patients at a time, providing health care facilities with an innovative and cost effective method of patient transfer.

Stryker/Sage Products

Product: Prevalon MATS
Booth: #1109

The system uses a cushion of air to help laterally transfer patients from one surface to another with significantly less exertion and without the need for lifting. It’s uniquely designed to simultaneously inflate and cradle your patient. The system can also remain with the patient and provide transfer assistance throughout the hospital stay.
SageProducts LLC_LOGO_Stryker.jpg 


SteriPro Canada

Product: SteriChain Transportation
Booth: #1104

SteriChainTM is a proprietary temperature-humidity-monitored supply chain. 


Umano Medical

Product: ook snow ALL Bariatric bed
Booth: #1708, 1710

Our ook snow ALL bed will be latest in technology bariatric bed on the market with its 10.75" low height, its patented powered width extension, and seamless smooth surfaces for ease of cleaning. Get to know our best-in-class design to improve staff efficiency and patient comfort and dignity.


Voyago Health 

Product: Patient Transfer Equipment
Booth: #1023, 528

Voyageur Medical is Ontario's leader in medical transportation service. Voyageur specializes in providing a dynamic one-stop service model for Ambulatory, Wheelchair and Stretcher transportation. Our staff provides patient centered, best practice care consistent with the expectations of Ontario's Hospitals, MOHLTC and a safety centered public.

As part of Vision 20/20 we have uncovered hidden opportunities that can improve speed of service and save nearly $20 million dollars in Ontario’s annual patient transfer costs. See us at Booth 1023