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​What will your HealthAchieve be?

Take a look at some of the shared experiences of past HealthAchieve attendees - find out what they love about HealthAchieve, what their experience was like and what they have to say about the event. Join HealthAchieve this November and create your own HealthAchieve experience.

"HealthAchieve is now my go-to conference, and I've told colleagues and friends how great it is in terms of personal growth and learning opportunities, and how much it can challenge your perspectives..."

Michelle Moonesar
MBA Candidate and Co-Chair at Emerging Health Leaders

"We've recommended HealthAchieve to friends and colleagues for over 15 years and we'll continue to do so because it's really something you have to experience to understand how much it can impact your work and broaden your perspective..."

Kent Waddington
Founding Director/Communications Director, Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care, and Environmental Leadership Coach, ARAMARK National Green Team

"HealthAchieve was a thought-provoking and meaningful experience.  It gave me a lot to reflect on and pass along to colleagues – the exact outcome you'd hope for when attending a conference like this..."

Tammy Lilien
Special Projects Coordinator, Palliative Care Consult Team, Sunnybrook Health Science Centre

'It created positive change and touched lives – and that's what HealthAchieve is all about. It has a flair for presenting "real life" and making information accessible so we can more easily connect to each other..."

​Simone Tronciu
CEO at The Detox Doctor,™ and a Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant and Cell & Tissue Regenerative Detoxification Specialist.