HealthAchieve North

​​Thank you for your interest in HealthAchieve North

For the past 5 years, HealthAchieve North has been an example of the OHA's continued commitment and support of our small, rural and northern (SRN) hospital members and the broader health care communities in Northern Ontario.

Through individual feedback and dialogue with members of our  SRN committee and other stakeholders in Northern Ontario, we have come to understand that although the event is considered a valuable and successful initiative, in its current form, it no longer meets the requirements of our  SRN members. As such, the HealthAchieve North event will not be taking place in 2017.

OHA's Learning and Engagement team  is moving forward with its new vision which will improve OHA's ability to provide even greater value for our hospital members and their partners in what is now widely considered a complex, challenging and competitive learning space.

The OHA is committed to our Rural and Northern members, and will continue to deliver education programs for this audience.  We are developing a plan that sees us working more closely with our members to better identify their education needs. Members of the Learning and Engagement team are planning a series of in-person meetings with members all over the province to explore the development of more comprehensive programs and services, specifically tailored to member needs and education requirements.

Thank you again for your commitment and support of the HealthAchieve North initiative.

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