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​​​Kent's HealthAchieve

"We've recommended HealthAchieve to friends and colleagues for over 15 years and we'll continue to do so because it's really something you have to experience to understand how much it can impact your work and broaden your perspective..."


Simone's HealthAchieve

"It created positive change and touched lives – and that's what HealthAchieve is all about. It has a flair for presenting "real life" and making information accessible so we can more easily connect to each other..."​


​Michelle's HealthAchieve

"For me, HealthAcheive is an annual opportunity to join in a larger network on a national level to learn, meet leaders, takeaway key lessons, and leave feeling inspired​. It is now my go-to conference, and I've told colleagues and friends how great it is in terms of personal growth and learning opportunities, and how much it can challenge your perspectives..."

Why Exhibit?

Save Marketing Dollars

For the 300 organizations that exhibit at HealthAchieve each year, the choice really is that simple. They can spend precious resources visiting hospitals and other health care institutions, booking meetings one at a time, or they can have thousands of C-suite buyers come to them. All at once. At HealthAchieve.


Show Off Your Wares!

Year after year, delegates rank the exhibit floor as one of the most important reasons they attend HealthAchieve. They are in search of the latest innovations in the health care industry – yours. Among these delegates are an unparalleled number of C-suite executives and senior decision makers who have the authority to buy and we employ a wide range of strategies and tactics to attract them to the exhibit hall and hold their interest. If you have something new to introduce to the market, contact us to find out how you can showcase your wares!


Custom Packages

Take a lead role in sponsoring HealthAchieve and put your organization’s name prominently in front of the people you most want to influence: the most powerful audience of decision-makers in Canadian health care. Our success in boosting your company’s profile and reinforcing your position as a market leader is based on our client-focused approach. Have an idea? Call us and we’ll customize an investment exclusively for you.

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